Friday, 12 April 2013

A Shining Thought

Beset by a stubborn inability of those unwilling to reclassify...

Whom, to spite growing evidence of a reason to be proud, claim superiority and forbearance over me.

A glancing blow from one temporarily blinkered from modernity, yet armed with cruel jibes and low regard. An act unbecoming of one so well informed.

Amidst this, epiphany strikes deftly unto an unquiet mind.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ascendance Forstalled

Furtherance, Fortuity and Wariness now share the same roof...

Iridescent mettle and soaring bluster, underhandedly checked by the chill finger of doubt, prodding the side concealed from would be accusers. An onslaught unlooked for from this quarter; A fulsome effusion of malice where naught defence be prepared.

What of this rekindled raison d'ĂȘtre to be embraced by all? 

The likelihood of this therefore being the case would appear greatly diminished.

Those thought by themselves conversant in their knowledge of all that have become mine own choices; Now stand divided from that which they sought to orchestrate.

Acrid to taste, this rare flavour, festered in the dark recesses of tradition and tainted by subjugation. The only tonic, to forfeit that measure of good will so set aside for the protagonists.

Whomsoever I am regarded by many, can never hold weight against thyself seen by a handful. 

Thursday, 28 February 2013


At first, the very idea, seemingly conceived of by lucifer himself...

Grudgingly acknowledged, rather than wilfully obeyed. The guidance set before us, without question or thought of recourse.

 A more inscrutable truth shall not be found. Moreover; a clarity, that once again all must change and evolve if given the capacity to do so. 

Therein lies bold honesty. For I am too aware of this challenge set before my feet, the distance and direction to be trod. 

Returned to the familiar place of genesis once more, but with the advantage of experience to aid the passage through treacherous lands, and perchance help avoid the perils which befell in the past. 

And thus, though confronted with tasks innumerable, with body galvanised, first steps are taken. 

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Vacancy Of Change

Embarked on long ago; The journey nears a final juncture...

A brief saga this was not, instead an odyssey through which survival was achieved and rich vestiges plundered. The tattered wings of persistence now carry the weary to nest and recuperate at the scene of prophecy brought to fruition.

In order to persist, a vehicle of a differing nature is needed. One that comprehends and adapts all the more quickly. A sentient vessel prearranged with the hard gained experience of its forebear, whilst imbued with the vivacity of a new offspring.

To evoke a posture of hiatus, unnecessary, for those bonds which were common and ordinary will soon wane with the erosion of time.

So the lacunal void looms ominously. A manifest culmination of all vagaries and fears, and tantamount to a gathering pool of gnawing doubt. Seldom felt so keenly or sat astride such bastions of worth.

Defiance now, is the call to arms that has been sounded. For each end, by reason, must bear a new beginning. Not to cower, but step full stride into the oncoming light, and be engulfed. Allowing the fresh flow of opportunity to seep into each pore and eradicate the pox of fertile misgiving.

Devoid of hesitation my will shall be done.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clamour Of The Enivitable

So swift the flock descends...

As swooping reality lands square on it's feet, to let ring the cry of destiny calling. So thereby the movement, nor evil notion, but by chance, is set in motion.

Rigidly I flout this assault upon my citadel of home. Yet with elastic fervour retaliation emerges. Insensible to doubt, and heedless of worry.

Out of the blue, serendipity shines her mercurial gaze on the inequity of greed, and thus by the opening of a door, a fresh phase is birthed. 
So awaits a benevolent hearth, gathered by an unfamiliar cadre of spectres.

Comfort, simplicity and ease, all crowd the embers. Whilst seemingly cast out the long endured brethren of survival, resourcefulness and cunning.

That being so, a foothold must be sought, for want of slipping from this height of good fortune and timeliness. The deep roots, so laid down; must be watered with the flow of reason and caution.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

By Any Other Name

It is but a mere an epithet...

This means by which one is defined. Surnames the link to heritage, middle names familial ties. A case, laced with connotations of weakness, drawn from ideals no longer at the fore.

Why no honour given to those that had passed before?

More is gleaned from the attachment to the more questionable elements of lineage. A force of character that has left an indelible bruise on a much maligned psyche. Nevertheless, even that is held aloft with greater countenance than the superficial label of malcontent. 

Thus a pseudo name become a means of apprehension. A convenient filter of potential personality mis-match. A guide by which familiarity and comfortability can be measured.

Emblematic of change and self determination. A term of reference turned term of endearment perhaps. Not a throwaway jibe, which never held sway or weight of pride. 

An evocative moniker like those embedded in the annals of family history. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

All That Wanes

How strong are the strands that perpetrate the dealing out of endearment?

In the manner of a green stem, the undernourished attachment too easily withers, and is presently assigned to a mere page in the histories of ones life.

Before long appearing as an immoderate assumption of that which may have never existed. An aphorism of one so blighted by the prospect of an elementary, yet lonesome reality. 

Alas, this plight may be only a malady of the fractured mind. The byproduct of a fleeting sense of misdirection that suffuses and leads astray.

Better then to foster that kindly face; which wholeheartedly elevates, rather than berates, with the harsh wit of a stranger.

In of itself, it would seem apparent that a decade's worth of knowing thus cools in the shadow of secret schemes.