Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Striving For The New

An early start proved wise...

Things that had been left for far too long, their time had come. To reorder; to change my environment was my goal. But to do this, first there must be disorder. It is always thus, and often for the best. So phoenix-like, the new state can arise from the disarray.

Meticulously, each stage was followed, and things thought lost for ever were found. Items that had been sorely desired would now play their role in the life after the chaos, in The New.

It did not go unnoticed that the season was in sync with this evolution. This oft spoken about transformation was now discernible to me. Not just the new warmth of the sun, also a freshness in the air and the gentle blowing through the leafless trees. A silent anticipation, like they were preparing to be reborn anew.

Creativity also stepped in, and for while and consumed me. This wasn't new art, just old ideas seen in a different light and the impulse to change them acted on.

So now I sit in my new abode, awaiting the feeling of change. Staring out my window on the world.