Sunday, 8 May 2011

Absence Of Fervor

Patientia Lost...

The cleansing deluge failed to refresh, even now its very presence has evaporated together with my ardor and eagerness.

An anomaly of ambivalence has thus taken root, and my waking mind struggles to decipher the cure. This admission in itself, an almost ineffable taboo, not to be re-uttered for fear of encouraging the growth of this transgression. It would be to advocate what is in plain sight, and so give complementary reason to it existence.

Instead a more parochial, austere process is perhaps needed. Prudence in fact; while the wait for the more elusive abundance of ambition continues. This obsequious attendance is less than satisfactory though, and not in keeping with a true sense of self.

Thankfully, lurking in shadows, unerring defiance remains. Still laced with the earnest hope that the damage left from this episode is not irreparable.