Saturday, 30 July 2011

Time Is Absolute?

An abstract but willful concept...

Late night turned early morn seems to bring forth such complexity as to make the mind swirl around the notion of Time. So primordial by its very nature and yet disingenuous to the daily drudge of life.

It has no equal except that of its perpetual ally (or perhaps jealous sibling) Space.

Simply a form of measurement outwardly overlooked; each second, minute or hour, the yardstick by which much is judged. Our success, failure, endurance and tenacity; all laid bare to its unyielding pressure.

An unstoppable Juggernaut of renewal and decay. The cycle which enslaves the aware and washes over the ignorant. 

We are forbidden to waste, to spite its apparent never-ending abundance. Only recollection acts as the counter-weight to the unmerciful intransigence. To perceive the remote gleam of a moment passed, far back along the track once trod.

But there is no return, the stream flows only one way. No memories of the future, only the past we cannot change. 

Thus a mind so perplexed, must accept twilight ambiguity; lest insomnia wins out.