Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Torrent Of Light

Due praise and keen reverence is wholly welcomed...

At last I am fixed upon a resolution that my ideology may indeed be plausible. To bring upon oneself the sense that the forward motion has sincerely begun, is a heartening circumstance.

Even a slight reproach need not bother the senses, as the virtue of steadfastness soon dealt a crushing blow. Notwithstanding that my disposition was such that I could claim to feel the warm breeze of stability caressing my face.

This forfeiture of darkness, now illuminates the hope of better times ahead. A menagerie of revived possibilities now inundate the present; a fervent thrill, tangible in its lustre. My trials thus begin to bear fruit, and not from the want of experience, but through the audacity which I have now passed.

The exuberance of the moment wells up, and brings forth the malevolent venom of arrogance. Which must be admonished with the cool waters of reason; diluted to avoid over-indulgence.