Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Cynical Pretense

The day ended as it began...

A fiscal proposition was waiting; an effervescent embellishment needed to plump up this floundering fraud. To lay myself bare, go against the better angels of my nature and procure funds. This Machiavellian deception should be water tight, not a drip of true intention allowed to seep through. For fear of the feign being outed and duplicity brought to the surface.

Disenchantment filled the air, once more at the mercy of other agendas. What of the pact?

To never bow, never allow others steal credit for my accomplishments. Perhaps the shiny glint of gold blinded me to that oath. How much could I bear to lose?

In truth, nothing.

Should it be cast away, replaced by faith and drive?

Keep it solo, no ties and no quarter century plan. Right now is the key, growth will come of its own accord. Gently nurtured and nourished by the salty caress of sweat and dedication.

The tightrope, now taught and ready for the crossing. The rewards visible, but out of reach unless the challenge is accepted. The perils to be overcome, and balance to be maintained. No safety net, only onlookers, entranced, helpless to act. For it is only I who can reach the other side.