Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The Capricious Nature of Fate

Momentum begins...

Slowly gaining ground like an encroaching tide. At each month's end, headway is made.

Time, it appears, does somewhat in itself denote a purposeful contention; that all will, and does change. A torrent of the unforeseen races ever on, never to be bereft of fear; but instead to recognise it as an acceptable motive.  

Are hope and grit always to be my panacea? an antidote for my woe?

What now?

To brandish the success as a precept; an example of behavior thus far rewarded?

I can survive, I know this now.

A decree, carved in stone by the force of my chosen circumstance. Yet avoiding the persistent repercussions of chance, must be my elementary aspiration. Reducing said risk, a perpetual trial of my spirit.