Sunday, 11 September 2011

Changefulness Of Heart

The return of vision...

In spite of ever mounting work, the creative side roused once more; and after scorned absence now seeks to attain its former dominance. This blissful conquest I allow with all my spirit. For work, whilst essential, is fleeting. Whereas art, words and music will thrive and blossom if nurtured as an ally.

Perhaps forever this is the reason for my lack in wealth. I capitulate to the aesthetic realms of habitual hardship, ever to dwell within its spartan walls.

Could this commitment seem for the most part selfish to witness? 

This critique troubled me all the more than I cared to admit.

Should I not adopt more established forces which manifest without asking? 

Accept from those whom I could no more hate than any other, and thus in favoring their offer rebel against the creed I have come to live by.

For in truth, poorly could I withstand these urges; they are now a part of my whole, imbuing my  perspective to reach ever onwards. A vibrant invocation of spirit, warmed through by nostalgia, yet mildly tempered by the cooling touch of reason.