Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Begin The Ascent

Faith partially restored...

The Nadir is past. My lowest ebb, now to all intents and purposes, moved beyond. A sensation from which I had become estranged, now rushes forth. This joyous benediction of a financial reprieve. So sorely desired, it now bestows a formidable buoyancy upon my being. 

To chronicle the exploits; auspicious in nature, would be tantamount to blasphemy. 

To scrutinize the flotsam of the past, would only dim the moment. 

Let sleeping dogs lie, and so rejoice in good fortune. However temporary it may thus be. Such repeal of doubt, presents the epitome of all that which I hold dear.  So with inestimable vigor and unquestionable furor, the climb begins. 

Let the escapade continue, unabridged and undiluted.