Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Need For Obstinacy

Willful regardlessness...

Opportunity rolling back, the ephemeral glow draining away. While its undulating tide reveals the soft silt of possibility, beneath which lies the bedrock of resilience. Forward motion, belief in the inexorable logic that states; I am my best ally, and I alone can conquer. All else is intrigue, faint wisps of promises unfounded. To listen would be an impediment to me now. 

The path goes on, but comfort is gained from certain clarity that now displays its colours. No longer a pursuit of answering the unanswerable. Instead building structure on what is known, and can be trusted.

All my strength and audacity will be needed henceforth. A task, grand in it's conceit, now looms.  Rewards worth the ordeal, methods of approach less clear. Ever the balance to be maintained and measured. For fear of complacency creeping through unguarded passages, and thwarting equilibrium.

Kinder heads see through walls of words, but no threat is perceived, just a nod and a smile.