Saturday, 16 July 2011

Fortuity or Coincidence

The longer view, not the shortest route...

Panic should now be gripping tight; its jagged claws biting deep, bleeding the hope. Yet seeds that were sown may have begun to flower and grow. 

Serendipity cast her gaze, endowing gifts unexpected but appreciated nevertheless. By chance, a twisting of fates reveals the truth lying dormant.

Opportunity. Risk. Possibility. All equal measures of an edifice which seems to both foretell and preside over my futures.

Be that as it may; he who heedlessly ventures within its embrace finds himself at odds with a leviathan that would drag him down to damnation. Or led astray by a profusion of immodest extravagances and innovations, so steeped in the ardor of arrogance.

Happenstance exemplifies my faith, supplemented by an altruistic sensibility not always  perceived by those who jump to conclusion's side. So thus, the fruit yet still unripe, can at least be weighed and counted.

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