Monday, 7 November 2011

Divisions Of Self

The dull light of day grants a moment's reflection after weeks of relentless continuity...

A cacophony of fraternisation; jousting familial contact, punctuated with stark clear passages of companionless discovery. Nevertheless; now the chill, unfamiliar breath of interlude. Opportunity to garner greatly yearned for perspective. The perfect storm of social collision now a dwindling imprint on the skyline.

In afterthought; it is this place, where aspiration and ambition are given room to breathe, that breakthrough is oft made. Free from repetitious justification of choices made. The call for distillation is ever present; to boil down to nearest base elements. No enumeration of skills or prowess; No achievements to be totalled, like trophies awaiting a shelf on which to gather the dust. Instead to succumb to a definition of values.

Experience - That vivacious need to extend all that is felt, tasted, smelt, heard and seen. To drink the nectar of each day, never to cease finding.

Knowledge - A hunger for notions to nourish a mind that seeks out and stores with wild abandon. An investment in thought inspired by great minds who have pushed the limits of the human condition.

Creation - To indulge the essence of the undefinable, that lofty space where ideas burst into existence; become real. The journey to leave an artifact suffused with a sense of oneself.

Compassion - Enrichment of those with whom paths cross; melded with a willingness to aid, and support beyond what is mere courtesy.  

Each ethos in itself cannot be view in isolation. Moreover, all are intrinsically linked. Sharing of a symbiosis that enables wholesome attributes to shine to the fore. Likewise, their more heinous brethren are tempered with prudence, and acknowledged as a necessary part.

So without artifice or iota of regret; the path ahead awaits, ready to be trodden.