Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Clamour Of The Enivitable

So swift the flock descends...

As swooping reality lands square on it's feet, to let ring the cry of destiny calling. So thereby the movement, nor evil notion, but by chance, is set in motion.

Rigidly I flout this assault upon my citadel of home. Yet with elastic fervour retaliation emerges. Insensible to doubt, and heedless of worry.

Out of the blue, serendipity shines her mercurial gaze on the inequity of greed, and thus by the opening of a door, a fresh phase is birthed. 
So awaits a benevolent hearth, gathered by an unfamiliar cadre of spectres.

Comfort, simplicity and ease, all crowd the embers. Whilst seemingly cast out the long endured brethren of survival, resourcefulness and cunning.

That being so, a foothold must be sought, for want of slipping from this height of good fortune and timeliness. The deep roots, so laid down; must be watered with the flow of reason and caution.