Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Egotism; The Double Edged Blade

It cuts both ways...

Inadequacy ruled supreme over my monetary exploits this past week. A debacle of such proportion, and so ill timed, as to perhaps unhinge my very livelihood.

No dereliction on my part, but a catalogue of circumstance all convergent on the same delicate crossroads. Prediction of these phenomenon was impossible, but the spectre of their presence ever felt. 

In their wake, a task too towering to contemplate. To achieve of something nigh on impossible in the time allotted. Brought into stark relief now, the thread by which my contentment hangs.

Is this to ever be the case? The true manifestation of the existence I have chosen to live.

Can I once again redress the balance? Find buried deep some new source of resoluteness.

All of this then was suspended for a time. In its place a journey, and then respite far from the stress. Rolling green and sun blessed fields. Adventure replaced adversity; contemplation substituted despair. Free air and keen company imperceptibly restoring the tattered ego.

So on return the full gamut had been run, but the visage of the task appeared less fearsome. This is a beast I can conquer; I must.