Saturday, 14 April 2012


Prosperity welcomed in from the cold...

An auspicious meeting of circumstance and diligence. The easing of hardy times swept through with the changing of season. 

Alas short-lived was the favourable concourse. Diversity again to show the duplicity of her nature. Dividing the stream, water racing off, indirect and wasteful. Control, only really an abject fallacy. 

In its stead, a recklessness of focus, barely above the surface of the torrent. This all with no soothsayer to foretell outcome or allude to a course through which events may travel. The mere implication of blame fruitless, self destructive.

For those who failed to recite their secret, a more altruistic approach would have bred support rather than mistrust. 

So emerges a silent predicament from the lurking shadows. A need to regain a rhythm, unescorted by static predictability. 

This now drives my thought.