Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Unremarkable Masterpiece

Without notice, a good day was had...

Early awakenings. Which usually cause disturbance, instead seemed to invigorate. Unknowingly this proved to be a portent of the coming day. Where everyday occurrences would find more purchase, and prove more compelling than expected.

The steady hand of organisation guided the early hours, allowing a sense of progress to blossom and take hold. Dates were set, and needs alloted. Preparations for future events set in motion. However, as often with the mundane, interest waned. By good fortune though, after enough time to have achieved ample.

After errands, came art. Pieces that continue to flourish each day, organically influencing each other. So that a commonality begins to surface. Caution thrown to the wind, and chances taken. To ruin or to growth. The latter seemingly winning through.

Music, then was the final act. With all the cards stacked, and players ready for tomorrow night. So ends a good day, unlooked-for.