Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Disorder & Disaffection

A struggle to reflect rather than solely react...

To not succumb to enmity or yield to the polarisation of judgement; but instead decry the unwholesome tide which has swept inland from that starless horizon.

Washed away; the veneer-like pretense of conciliation now reveals the bona fide colours of nation; Rife with suspicion and persecution; our Zeitgeist divided.

Opportunity become ally to those who to all intents and purposes are bereft of aspiration or conscience. Whilst ruination renders its vile path through countless lives and mischance finds purchase, seeking to establish an indelible residence. 

Faint hope lies in that which has long been depleted, and appears to some almost fallacy. To move from that which could not be, to that which could be.

A restoration of faith in our fellow man is attainable. That be as it may, it does for now have the semblance of far-flung reverie.