Tuesday, 4 October 2011

So Turns The Wheel

A token ailment still plagues the body and mind...

The former; solely a companion to prolonged lack of rest. The latter; a far more difficult adversary to better with compromised resources.

For it is creeping paranoia that once again raises it frightful countenance. That if left unchecked would seep into the heart of so nourishing a union.

Nonetheless; I take faith from the fullness of affection so liberally bestowed, and thus hope to be in the future more secured. Yet for now the cogs of reason remain connected allowing a kind of stability which is known to me. 

That being said; every moment differs in temperament, conventions of one time seldom fit another. Like the beating heart of a beast; ever changing in rhythm and vigour, never to cease or the owner will fall.

The flow must remain uninterrupted, and by consequence the minor fluctuations of luck and circumstance; less of a danger. Moreover, they are unlikely to affect the greater whole; Instead becoming a motivation to proceed.

The art of survival tightly wrapped in the silky threads of perpetual motion.