Thursday, 17 March 2011


A lesson well learnt...

It was to be an eve of firsts. A much needed release from labors and drudgery. New companionship, old kindred spirits, and the music to bring them in a favourable amalgam.

All was well. The performance; warmly received, and catharsis willingly achieved. No shadow yet appeared. This was to be short lived.

A treasured item, misplaced or stolen?

Perhaps by some plunderer, hell bent on my downfall. Robbed of my ability to earn, and so thrown into blackness. Left there to wallow in misery, stubbornly content to be ruined. 

Foolhardy this was, and unneeded. My pride and vanity had colluded to wear down my resistance, and leave me in utter collapse. When all needed was clarity of thought. To remember my own gift for resilience.

Then it came the Eucatastrophe. In the blink of an eye, all was colour once more. Banished now was despair, left to walk alone with his own dark thoughts and to fade to nothingness.

How delicate the balance now realised. The shame of my pride and defeat, now a tool of prevention. To serve as warning against overindulgence and procrastination.