Monday, 5 December 2011


The resurgence of an old adversary is lamentable indeed... 

His restrictive grasp all the more merciless than remembered. Thus culminating in days of squandered opportunity; further underpinned by the mercenary clutch of glacial conditions gathering day by day.

A wilted hiss, rather than the customary voice. Defiant reason; whereabouts unknown. A briefly benumbed period of feebleness, incurred by the return of that wheezing rasp. Mingled frustration bore from a hitherto unfamiliar lack of will. 

Nonetheless, the fleeting temperament of this impotence was welcome, proving incentive to regain an even keel. Yet, to spite the impetus to sleep; refused compliance was more the case. Established rhythms elbowed from sync by the erratic moods of infirmity.

So insomnia; discerning her chance, pushes the advantage. Forcing her will upon my waking mind. The last vestige of resilience.