Sunday, 30 September 2012

By Any Other Name

It is but a mere an epithet...

This means by which one is defined. Surnames the link to heritage, middle names familial ties. A case, laced with connotations of weakness, drawn from ideals no longer at the fore.

Why no honour given to those that had passed before?

More is gleaned from the attachment to the more questionable elements of lineage. A force of character that has left an indelible bruise on a much maligned psyche. Nevertheless, even that is held aloft with greater countenance than the superficial label of malcontent. 

Thus a pseudo name become a means of apprehension. A convenient filter of potential personality mis-match. A guide by which familiarity and comfortability can be measured.

Emblematic of change and self determination. A term of reference turned term of endearment perhaps. Not a throwaway jibe, which never held sway or weight of pride. 

An evocative moniker like those embedded in the annals of family history.