Monday, 7 January 2013

The Vacancy Of Change

Embarked on long ago; The journey nears a final juncture...

A brief saga this was not, instead an odyssey through which survival was achieved and rich vestiges plundered. The tattered wings of persistence now carry the weary to nest and recuperate at the scene of prophecy brought to fruition.

In order to persist, a vehicle of a differing nature is needed. One that comprehends and adapts all the more quickly. A sentient vessel prearranged with the hard gained experience of its forebear, whilst imbued with the vivacity of a new offspring.

To evoke a posture of hiatus, unnecessary, for those bonds which were common and ordinary will soon wane with the erosion of time.

So the lacunal void looms ominously. A manifest culmination of all vagaries and fears, and tantamount to a gathering pool of gnawing doubt. Seldom felt so keenly or sat astride such bastions of worth.

Defiance now, is the call to arms that has been sounded. For each end, by reason, must bear a new beginning. Not to cower, but step full stride into the oncoming light, and be engulfed. Allowing the fresh flow of opportunity to seep into each pore and eradicate the pox of fertile misgiving.

Devoid of hesitation my will shall be done.

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