Saturday, 9 July 2011

Introspective Reason

The extrovert indulges introversion...

Dilapidation seems to infest body and mind for which sleep gives no respite. So thus questions fill the vacuum; ruminating on the nature of emotional appendage.

Scavenging through scattered memories of long forgotten moments. They too, like their subjects, displaying the wear and tear that time has inflicted on them. Yet this somehow ennobles them further, and adds an onerous sheen of poignancy.

The unexpected well of emotion is thus calmed by the application of that divine nectar of the south; fears that sparked begin to dwindle. No more to seek prophetic answers from the present, but instead forsake doubts which gnaw at my waking mind. To embrace all that I have, and all that I love.

This is deemed all the more auspicious by the weight of history I bring to the fore. The battle is not won. However this; the quintessential example, has faded to a mere rumour.