Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Emotional Malware: A Relationship Trojan Horse

Familial ties were thus bonded this weekend past...

Still required were the usual parlor tricks. Nonetheless a gladdening outcome achieved and further elated by flattering hopes. Strife has however befallen those dear to me; embroiled in trials of the heart from which no countenance can alleviate so great a sorrow.

More compounded this is by my own reoccurring shadow from the past, which seeks to subsume the present-day. I should not tarry with this aberration from reason, but simply cast it from my thought.  Nevertheless, my kinder character has now it seems become my foe and is powerless to sanction this course. Reason must be weighed with recollection and a symmetry discovered.

To take in this vessel so filled with dysfunction, would be folly. Like the people of Troy peering out upon their gift. Should I burn down this effigy for fear of the jeopardy within?

All intertwines with the fleeting loss of my beloved. I realise now the gravity of my sentiment. For I would have all know; I seek nothing more than to look upon her, discern her breath and feel the warmth.

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