Monday, 4 July 2011

Beginnings, Riddles and Ends

On return from an arduous, yet gratifying pilgrimage; much is changed...

While I nurse the effects of the climb, many still have yet to reach the summit of their discord. Anguish seems instead to grow with each passing day. I stand helpless to comfort or heed the outcome for good or ill.

My escape is short lived; she by her fickleness strives still to gain purchase upon my thoughts. To blight an unblemished canvas. To entice once more into the abyss of confusion. Yet a precocious will to resist comes to the fore; in as much as I must forestall her schemes. If not, a lack of action shall willfully exacerbate to situation.

This more misanthropic hardness was needed; so virulent a myopia was it that I faced. Present with a potential as to render future plans implausible.

Though not all is dark; beginnings there are too. A fresh locale and depth of understanding; whereof little was previously purported to be so clear, now thus seems to shine with a fierce luminosity. We both at once in accord with the more esoteric nature of our bond.

My innate rakish plumage still seeks to assert its dominance, to the point of unwanted attraction. But there is no motivation to follow through, for I am content and I am loved.

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