Sunday, 31 March 2013

Ascendance Forstalled

Furtherance, Fortuity and Wariness now share the same roof...

Iridescent mettle and soaring bluster, underhandedly checked by the chill finger of doubt, prodding the side concealed from would be accusers. An onslaught unlooked for from this quarter; A fulsome effusion of malice where naught defence be prepared.

What of this rekindled raison d'ĂȘtre to be embraced by all? 

The likelihood of this therefore being the case would appear greatly diminished.

Those thought by themselves conversant in their knowledge of all that have become mine own choices; Now stand divided from that which they sought to orchestrate.

Acrid to taste, this rare flavour, festered in the dark recesses of tradition and tainted by subjugation. The only tonic, to forfeit that measure of good will so set aside for the protagonists.

Whomsoever I am regarded by many, can never hold weight against thyself seen by a handful. 

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