Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Grateful Ease

Time perhaps to live and love, as opposed to simply  just work and breathe...

Hard graft serves as willing reminder of rewards and thus the politics of hired labour. Inefficiency and ignorance had sought to aggravate my sated calm; with self belief almost turned my enemy. If it were not for a lone thought of acquiescent intuition, a great deal may have been lost.

For much now is altering, a new heading plotted and the spirit of faith in action reborn. Moreover, this is no longer a solo endeavour into the unknown. In its stead; a journey in union, who's primacy of reason is clear and apparent.

I know now whereof I am bound, and the prospect of the voyage is indeed bountiful and somewhat pre-ordained by the purpose and goal.

So now, beholden of the absence of encumbrance, more worldly thoughts than mere survival come to the fore. A chance to dare to hope, that the worst may yet be passed. That the storms which so battered this vessel are now but a whisper on a distant deep horizon.

The preponderant power of will; like that of a sledgehammer, now set aside, until needed once again.

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