Tuesday, 8 March 2011

For The Love of Discordant Stimulation

The day had come and gone...

Only on the journey to meet the others did I realise; this day had meant nothing. It began well enough, with a generous heart and a willingness to help. Then somehow the hours in between became lost. Evaporated seemingly into thin air, leaving nothing but the residue of an unproductive day.

Justification for this apparent idle stint was unnecessary, as it was not a conscious decision. More an unseen happening, observed too late to rectify. Still something was missing.

Conversation helped, maybe that was what I was seeking to class this day worthy?

However, it only gave the illusion of comfort from a place it can't be sought too often.

Then it began in earnest. The reason the day would turn out to be a triumph. Old music reborn with new vigor and through an instrument clearly defying it's apparent shabbiness. Memories, thoughts, feelings, rhythms, melodies. All rolling together, combining and driving forward with a pace that almost outstrips its creators.

Faith restored, I left for home. Content in the knowledge, that while I had this, no day could truly be a waste.

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