Saturday, 12 March 2011

Retrospective Progress

Looking back but moving forward...

A year passed. Lives improved and new relationships solidified. What was the norm, now is the past. What was the new, now is the present. The future, a hazy horizon, never quite in view.

The mechanisms of stability gradually start to function. The energy needed to keep up the heady pace of progress, the grease that ensures continued movement of cogs, becomes a sort after commodity.

Confidence; the mask behind which we all reside. A stock needed to be kept replenished, for fear of doubt slipping in uninvited. To wreak havoc, and lay asunder all best laid plans.

Momentum; the onward relentless movement of the task master named motivation. Without whom each day would cease to operate as intended.

Appreciation; for those whom doubt never persuaded and who remain steadfastly loyal. Despite any and every attempt to rationalise.

Where to next ? How about a trip to everywhere.

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