Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Maelström

Thrown back into a chaotic whirl...

One week closes; a well-meaning favour delays the beginning of the next. When it finally comes, it hits with a force uncommonly severe; by that time a day behindhand. Clawing from all sides, all seeking attention. A dizzying cascade of tasks, engagements, pressures and responsibilities. The draught of which pulls under like a rip tide, dragging down stream from where I should be.

Synchronisation between life and goals lost. This is not unfamiliar territory.

Distractions in their usual form appear to entice and lure with the promise of melody and rhythm. Only a firm hand on the rudder is able to steer my enterprise back on course. Leveraging every last drop of zeal to wrestle back control from the sirens of diversion.

However, in the midst of this, new inspiration is found. Where history meets art in that most favoured of centuries. Words which never cease to invigorate the spirit of learning. Art from bygone times. Maestros long dead; yet satisfying to the senses.

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