Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Schadenfreude Rebuked

To reconcile or provoke...

Once more the malodorous spectres of loathsomeness and malevolence seek to upset one held so dear. These are remorseless foes; indefatigable emissaries of an objectionable body. With their vitriol, palpable to the senses, something akin to rancid intent. Bringing forth concurrent trials, to begrudge betterment and heighten privation.

The ill wind serves as an aide-mémoire. To placate this heresy would be a sin, and to seek vengeance a fruitless speculation. No matter how odious the task, the crest fallen must rise.  

Wakefully aware that parlance is of paramount importance, and the nondescript must seek to become the stronger party. As if to underscore this adage, a synchronous act must be sought. One which will bring harmony, alleviating the foreboding nature of this situation.

Yet so much still hinges on the coming days. Already the apparatus of fortune have ventured to upset the balance of plans.

Who will providence choose? 

Will she forsake those who strive?

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