Monday, 6 June 2011

Achilles Heel

All those around seem beset by strife and anguish...

The incontrovertible trials of life beat down hard like the ceaseless rays of an angry sun. Withering the unprepared; and leaving harrowing damage all too visible to the eye.

An air of misgiving fills the lungs; virulent and caustic. Its aim; to wear down even the most robust of wills and bring about a subsidence of faith.

Then an ignoble spectre of the past seeks to interject and press forth the advantage. Somehow sensing the weakness and praying on the vulnerability still rife. A wound which declined to heal, thus ruptured by this cloaked emissary.

However, wise counsel and resilient belief; coupled with a manifest depth between two that love, thus foils the plot to subvert. From this emerges a new paradigm of understanding and repose. The bond is further sealed; now increasingly impervious to outside interference and all the more hardy than before.

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