Monday, 22 August 2011

Reminiscence Turned Resilience

To venture into a realm of familiarity...

Veritable joy and well-nigh perfection embraced time spent to celebrate confluence of anniversary and birth; A bubble neither wished to be burst.

Now alone in thought; I pay homage to the familiar faces that must leave, beseeching the favoured Peoples of the past to once again populate the present.

An abstraction often indulged; to exalt the ebb and flow of all close attachments. Erstwhile and contemporary; devoted and distant; loved and loving.

So that when I shall hereafter remember; by me they shall be reborn. Their rich nutrient varnish endowed with a perennial youth. In short; I am he who wishes to abide by that most sacred. The connection of human to human; whether fleeting or prolonged.

Alas this strength is also a weakness in me, vulnerability by which advantage is sought. Though I have redressed this bereavement of comfort. For no other reason than that it was at odds with the object of my hopes.

Amidst this notional yet sunless backdrop, the forces of everyday occurrence wreak their toll on my balance of mind. Each can, as always, be circumvented by an single-minded yet canny reinterpretation of ways and means.

Only this continued deliberation will truly enable the growth I seek.

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