Friday, 23 September 2011

Qualms And Trepidation

A sidewards glance of unease...

Faint wisps of discord momentarily witnessed; unbeknownst before this time. On the slightest of whims a sudden salient of misgiving born into existence. 

To yield without question would therefore sanction this foray into unfriendly territory. The past given permission to intrude on present.

Events, meteoric in their inception, had little option but to gradually descend. This need not be an unravelling, but a manoeuvre to a new vantage point. From which a fresh perspective is given, a greater bond forged. 

For this notion revealed possibility of what lays in the wasteland beyond; something I neither seek or could stand to bare

Love, like the season, changes; but ever does persist. Thus that these latter days of contentment shall go on unabridged. 

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