Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dim Equinox

The insipid yet drowsy bleakness of mid-week...

As I wander, all about seems lacking. Each colour deprived of its hue and vibrancy; Natural tone substituted by shades of expressionless grey.

Is this coincidence? That so discernable a variation thus complements my mood.

Or am I responsible for rendering so dulled a piece?

A raven set aloft within a leafless tree, cries out in consensus. As though it had perceived my mind and sought to allot blame firmly in my quarter.

Adversity stalks close behind me, never permiting a moments peace; while denegrating hope. Furthermore buffed up by a slew of victories, his form looms large and besets with a new found mischief. Endowing small acts of frustration into an already arduous day.

All is mediocre. Even the light and warmth of the sun seem inappropriate. Likened to an awkward guest attempting acknowledgement, but shying away in the final moment behind the growing gloom.

Be that as it may, scant words spoken have enabled a surge of thought. A rekindled hunt for resolution through dark forests of doubt. Distinctly marked routes only brook a compromised exit, and may surrender too many gains of the journey already trodden. 

So onward through the tangled undergrowth of mis-convention. Hacking my own way forward.

1 comment:

  1. A fitting description of the winter rolling in and the darkening moods to come.