Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Balance Of Wealth

Darker days oft bring keener thoughts...

With health found lacking and not incongruous with the seasonal change. Time is rife for much overlooked scrutiny. A rearward glance over former schedules reveal a rich tapestry of life, love, work and play. Repetition to all appearances to have conceded ground to it's more determined brethren, Irregularity. 

Not ever have daily matters showed signs of being so varied in hue; nor so mercurial of nature. Yet calmness is permitted to breathe this fractured jigsaw. An adjustment, bore from a year of doubt, now entrenched.  

In all my conjecture I came to be wide of the truth. At the heart, a failure to ascertain how I would evolve. Namely that the grim land of independent living could come to be not only home, but also refuge. Safety in what others would deem insecurity. From this, a basis to thrive had emerged; while still not suffering the yoke of another.

As to the nature of wealth; my confidence resides alongside the thought that it is not purely a realm ruled by the monetary. Moreover, it is well-being that governs, and by that means I must seem all the more richer than first assumed.

So I conspire to Happiness.

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