Tuesday, 31 January 2012


A sea change of sorts has taken hold...

To make haste in clearing out the detritus of self imposed frugality, whilst debunking an assumed impervious nature. Spurred into action by a dire, unforeseeable, but nevertheless inevitable chain of events.

Health it seems, can be a woeful adversary to challenge. All who pay no heed, do so by gambling their very longevity against the force of his will.

However sudden, this re-routing of priority was not as wrenching as one may have rightly feared. Surely now an expected meteoric rise in expenditure lay in wait, to usurp the new found vitality for which I had ascribed.

Yet no reproach; instead Prudence was at hand to lend her subtle wit. A deft guide through this tangled thicket. Back to basics; sustenance through simplicity, additives now a sin.

Almost as in parallel; I attest that my creative self rekindled it's incandescent fire anew. The coals burn hot with a molten torrent of possibility that familiarity implies upon me.

Could it be so that but for this change in nutriment I am thus emboldened?

Truly it matters not, for the outcome is equal. For I tread not alone, but in the company of those like minded souls near and dear to me.

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