Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The State Of Unity

When the tempo breaks and motivation is set to fall through cracks thereabouts...

The recurrent coming apart of laboured souls; though not lasting, still renders its toll. A vulnerability that seeps through barely noticed, and effuses the air with a rich pallor. The selfishness of zeal inhaled, while truths are denied their rightful place, unable and unwilling to subdue the more contentious elements.

Brazenly the flame of presumption oft scorches the unintended. So overbearing hubris clings to he who lords over those more deserving. Whilst his hackles so raised, must to others indicate the presence of some malevolent intent.

Thankfully interjection came unawares. In the guise of venerable wisdom bereft of judgement. An esoteric encounter, whose favour and altruism aided the subjugation of doubt. Calming the blaze of conceit.

Henceforth to be encumbered with such presented pride, an expectation to be checked; and in so saying, a commitment made to the intransigent overtures of the hand that is dealt. While empathy seals the breach.

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